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Mediamen, bloggers among Sendong victims

A father loses his daughter. (Photo from

TWENTY-FIVE media practitioners and bloggers in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities were among the victims of flash floods wrought by Typhoon ‘Sendong’ over the weekend.

Two of them, unfortunately, lost their lives as the violent flood swept their homes in Iligan. They were Michel Kundiman of dxRJ and Leonisid Alsonado of dxIC-RMN.

The media people affected by the tropical storm are:

 English: Political map of Northern Mindanao Re...Bloggers who were likewise victimized by the flash flood in Cagayan de Oro are Michael Abonitalla, BabyJane Lacaba, Eleanor Aguilar, Rob Bana, and Vic Madriaga.
PRWorks Vis-Min is calling on fellow media practitioners and charitable individuals and corporations for donations to help these affected journalists and their families get back on their feet and start living afresh.
Donations will be received at the PRWorks office right across the USC Main gym along Sanciangko st. until Monday, Dec. 26. Please coordinate with Doris (09167369463) or Mafe (09173829016) at 416-7159; or email or

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Cebu Media Excellence Awards ‘Unveiling’ Photo Gallery

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Globe Telecom launches Cebu Media Excellence Awards

Message of Globe Telecom’s head for corporate communications Yoly Crisanto


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Cebu Media Excellence Awards (Yoly’s Message)

Prepared text of the message of Yoly Crisanto, head of Globe Telecom’s Corporate Communications, during the unveiling of the Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA) on September 21, 2011 at the Harold’s Hotel in celebration of the Cebu Press Freedom Week:

Good evening friends!

I am very happy to be able to spend an evening and celebrate Press Freedom Week with all of you.

At this point, I want to share just a few words. Take note that I said “few.” I have to catch the last flight tonight because tomorrow is the opening of the PR Congress in Makati.

We at Globe Telecom came to conceptualize the Cebu Media Excellence Award because of three reasons:

One, after 17 years of celebrating Press Freedom Week, we thought our contribution should be more than mere parties though we are not doing away with it. We felt we should do something to raise the level of the celebration a notch higher.

Two, we believe press freedom can best be enjoyed and defended by pursuing media excellence.

Three, we felt media excellence can best be achieved by a continuing program to recognize superb performance.

Thus, Globe Telecom’s Cebu Media Excellence Awards seeks to enhance the culture of media excellence promoted by local stakeholders like the Catholic Church by giving due recognition for excellent media performance that enhances and broadens our exercise, access, and enjoyment of the democratic and economic freedoms.

We will be recognizing superb performance by print, radio, and television reporters for their day-to-day coverage as well as feature stories on the following areas:

a. Business/economy/finance

b. ICT/environment, disaster response/entrepreneurship

c. Youth/education/social progress

We will honor opinion writers, radio commentators, and television broadcasters for excellent writing in pursuit of social concerns and progress.

After the world entered the second decade of what we now call the information age, blogging has gained momentum and significance in social and political change. We will be giving out a Blogger of the Year award.

For 17 years, we looked forward to a week of celebrations and fellowship nights.

Starting in 2012, we will have one additional highlight to look forward to:the Cebu Media

Excellence Awards.

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Why support the Saint John Bosco Relic Pilgrimage Commemorative Book?


A lifetime values-driven connection with people who matter

Increasingly, consumers are looking for solutions to their anxieties about making the globalized world a better place. In a world full of confusion, they search for companies that address their deepest needs … they look for not only functional and emotional fulfillment but also human spirit fulfillment in the products and services they choose.
Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya
& Iwan Setiawan
“Marketing 3.0: From Products to
Customers to the Human Spirit”

Those who will get the first free 1500 copies
of the Saint John Bosco Relic Pilgrimage Commemorative Book

–          The Salesian community in Southern Philippines, Metro Manila, and abroad.

–          Benefactors of Salesian endeavors.

–          Key Bosconians who are business and government leaders in Metro Manila and the Visayas and Mindanao like Press Secretary Sonny Coloma and officers of the Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC) in Cebu and Manila.

–          Devotees and Bosconians who enthusiastically contributed their own photos to the book.

–          Fellow sponsors and benefactors of Don Bosco.

–          Key Philippine libraries.

Market for subsequent copies that will be sold

–          Bosconians and devotees in the Cebu, Negros, and Leyte Islands (particularly in Metro Cebu; Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Punta Princesa, Cebu City; Bacolod City; Mambucal; Parish of Kabankalan; Victorias; Dumaguete City; Diocese of Maasin, and Borongan, Leyte).

–          Bosconians and devotees Mindanao (Davao City).

–          Parents and teachers of Don Bosco particularly in the Visayas and Mindanao.

–          Past pupils in Salesian schools in the Visayas and Mindanao who are now successful professionals and businessmen spread worldwide.

Market description

The Relic Commemorative Book reaches a wide range of people that include:

–          Administrators and stakeholders who manage several fast growing Salesian schools and missions that need all kinds of school-related supplies, ICT products and services, even construction materials. Because key Salesian schools are technology centers – with mechanical, electro-mechanics, and carpentry shops for the youth – these are users of a wide variety of technology-related products and services.

–          Influencers, mentors, and parents of tens of thousands of young people who are turning out to be savvy consumers of various products and commodities.

–          Past Salesian school pupils and Bosconians who are now leaders in business, their respective professions, and even government who are not only influencers themselves but also ones who have acquired disposable income.

–          Saint John Bosco devotees who encompass a wide demographic and income range in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Benefits for Sponsors

–          The Relic Commemorative Book documents and communicates the vision, mission, good works, and values of sponsors to a receptive audience that matters. This is values-driven marketing at its best.

–          Advertorials in the Relic Commemorative Book connects the vision, mission, good works, and values of sponsors with the human soul – the spirit of thousands of influencers, leaders, and potential consumers who are devotees and advocates of Saint John Bosco and his works.

–          For companies, sponsorship strengthens brand identity, brand integrity, and brand image. Sponsorship not only positions the brand in the mind, it builds credibility and trust. Most important, it seeks to acquire a strong emotional connection.

–          A commemorative book is something a Saint John Bosco advocate or devotee would cherish and proudly show to family friends, colleagues. It has a high pass on value.

–          The Relic Commemorative Book has a shelf life of a lifetime that connects even with future generations of Bosconians, Salesians, Don Bosco stakeholders, and devotees.

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Is Cebu ready for Bruno Mars?

A Bruno Mars a concert in Cebu or Mactan? We want to know what you think. Give us feedback through the poll below and your comments to this post or in our Facebook page.

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More young people on Relic’s Facebook

Age demographics of "Saint John Bosco relic pilgrimage (Negros-Cebu) Photos" Facebook page.

More young males, most likely Bosconians within the 13-24 age bracket, clicked “Like” in our Facebook page “Saint John Bosco relic pilgrimage (Negros-Cebu) Photos” than their older fellow Bosconians aged 35-54. More interesting, the number of females within the 45-54 age bracket surpassed by nearly half their males counterparts.

No, this does not this mean younger Bosconians who are still in high school or just graduated within the past eight years vastly outnumber those who graduated at least 29 years ago in their interest on the pilgrimage of Saint John Bosco as shown in the actual turnout during the alumni vigil last December 16, 2010.

The Facebook initiative was carried out to stir interest and participation in the ongoing relic pilgrimage and the coming Pilgrimage Commemorative Book.

We, in PRworks Inc., believe this demographics tell us something else. It shows how products of a technology school at various age levels have embraced social media and how they behave online.

For example, some 15 alumni from class 77 of Don Bosco Technological High School (DBTHS) came during the vigil. But only one or two liked the online pilgrimage page.

“I seldom use the Internet or logon in Facebook. My kids (who are already teenagers) use the computer most of the time,” said one class 77 alumni and an engineering graduate. A batch mate said he had his teenager set up his Facebook for him.

Meanwhile, while more males joined the Facebook page than females, the figures showed that more females within the ages 45-54 are more active on Facebook than the supposedly technologically-savvy males within the same age bracket.

So it is not just the teenagers who are more into social media. The number of females, from ages 45 to 54 years old and who are most likely mothers and wives, are more active online than males.

Though the number of samples are still small (just over a hundred as of this writing), the figures culled from the Facebook Insight of the relic pilgrimage page provide us with an idea on who are most likely to respond to advocacy and marketing efforts online.

This is just an initial observation though. We intend to update this analysis in the coming days. Check us out from time to time.

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Relic Pilgrimage Cebu Alumni Vigil – December 16

These are the initial pictures taken during the vigil of Don Bosco alumni at the DBTC campus during the visit of the relic of Saint John Bosco. For more pilgrimage photos, visit “Saint John Bosco relic pilgrimage (Negros-Cebu) Photos” on Facebook. The occasion was also the launch of the Grand Alumni Homecoming on January 23, 2011 at the DBTC campus. Aside from work on the Pilgrimage Commemorative Book, PRworks Inc. was also tapped to help organize the homecoming events.

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Bosconian Big Biker Leads SJB Relic Convoy


John Yu, a member of the Cebu Chapter of the Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC), is the head marshall of the SJB pilgrimage convoy. (Photo by Bino Guererro of PRworks Inc.)

Bosconian John Yu earlier offered his resort at Santander, Cebu, as resting place for devotees who welcomed the relic of Saint John Bosco when it arrived from Dumaguete City in Bato, Samboan, Cebu at dawn on December 12, 2010. As head marshall, he was instrumental in maintaining order as the convoy motored all the way to Cebu city and in the early arrival of the relic at  Punta Princesa, Cebu City.

While John Yu was quite visible, other members of the Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC) like chapter president Rene Echavez, secretary Ludwig Federigan, PRO Anol Mongaya, director Joubert Roma, Mayor Edsel Galeos, and the rest of the officers and member were active behind the scenes.


Mayor Edsel Galeos is an active member of the Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce (BICC) Cebu Chapter. (Photo by Bino Guerrero of PRworks Inc.)

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Happy New Year!

Let’s Pray for Sendong Victims!

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