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Naga: At the Crossroads

The following speech was delivered by Naga Mayor Valdemar Chiong during the inauguration of the country’s first ever SME Industrial Park:

Naga: At the Crossroads

For years, Enan – my brother the late mayor Ferdinand Chiong – and I dreamed of a progressive and sustainable industrial city of Naga.

Maybe Enan thought he would be more effective up there. Everything seems to be falling in place.

Right after my election as mayor – I based the successful campaign on the 15-point strategic platform that Naganhons now refer to as Vision and Leadership 2020 or VAL 2020 – and I immediately proceeded to Manila to push hard for the first priority as mayor-elect: that of making Naga a city.

With the enthusiasm Naganhons expressed in welcoming the “photo-finish” Senate approval, come the plebiscite this August, I am looking forward to a huge turnout and an overwhelming YES.

Today, July 11, 2007, we are officially opening the country’s first SME Industrial Park here in Naga.

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