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Public Relations in southern Philippines this 2012 (d)

Impact of the 2013 elections.

The post on Miss Universe runner up Chamcey Supsup and businessman-politician Glenn Soco of One Cebu was one of the most viewed so far in

A huge portion of the broad social media community is involved in advocacy and sharing of politically-related news and views. In the same manner, government starting with President Noynoy Aquino and a growing number of political personalities are also actively engaging social media.

PRworks, for instance, has decided to join the political conversations last October 2011 in anticipation of the increase in traffic for politically-relevant blogs. The agency has encouraged and supported our networks of writers and bloggers to join which is designed broadcast views from the Philippine south.

Consider also the impact on Philippine politics of extensive use and success of engaging social media in political mobilizations abroad like the 2011 Arab Spring  and Occupy movement. Then there is the 2012  presidential elections in the United States. Facebook and Twitter users would more likely participate in offline political meetings. Online sharing is leading to offline engagement.

Politicians interested in running for national and local public offices during the 2013 midterm elections would be stupid to ignore the importance and power of engaging social media communities. Already, several Facebook accounts and pages of known politicians. Some have also gone into putting up blogs and even Twitter accounts.

This means spreading political campaign budgets to include publicity through social media. Those who refuse to do so for various reasons would find their campaigns overtaken by social media-savvy politicians. Because the central offices of national candidates are based in Metro Manila, politicians would need public relations assistance to engage traditional and social media in southern Philippines.

Understanding and insights into how social media can help a particular political campaign vary however. Professional public relations practitioners could help in crafting an integrated political marketing campaign.

While the corporate world needs to deal with the faster spread of bad news – a situation that bred more crisis communicators, politicians running for elective positions face active competition that (it is safe to assume) engages in demolition tactics. Politicians need to learn fast in controlling social media conversations.

Role of public relations will grow further.

As the corporate world, the political community and stakeholders, and traditional media organizations in the Philippines engage social media to reach the public, the value of proactive and reactive public relations grows with it. Our experience as PR partners in the Visayas and Mindanao for Globe Telecom and Nokia Philippines has made us realize and take advantage of new ways to communicate using emerging technologies.

Public relations agencies like PRworks will have to compete with advertising and SEO companies that pay for placement however. PR primarily focuses on building earned hits and communities of followers.

We, in PRworks, are doing this by engaging traditional and social media in online and offline activities and networks. Aside from helping Cebu and Visayas bloggers organize their events, for instance, the agency initiated the formation of the Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development (MIND) 7 with the National Nutrition Council (NNC) in Central Visayas. We also moved to form the Tourism and Heritage Information Network (THINK) 7 together with the Department of Tourism (DOT) also in Central Visayas.

Still, the pace at which information moves in all directions is a continuing challenge. We are dealing with an ever changing traditional and social media world. This means the continuing challenge for building brands and reputations, helping clients face crisis situations proactively, and engaging communities in southern Philippines online and offline. Back


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Public Relations in southern Philippines this 2012 (c)

Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama (center) poses with Miss Earth 2011 candidates and Charlyn Macaraeg, image model of GT Cosmetics, during the second Visayas Blogging Summit held in Cebu City. Charlyn was promoting GT & Me, the Facebook community of GT Cosmetics. PRworks helped organize the event.

Emerging social media communities.

Since the first Filipino bloggers began writing online at the turn of the century, their numbers and significance have grown as the years passed. In 2010, Visayas and Mindanao bloggers have separately organized blogging summits and awards for several years now. Globe Telecom, Nokia Philippines, and the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) have found engaging an increasing number of bloggers effective in promoting products, services and advocacy online and offline.

Meanwhile, Facebook communities have likewise grown around places to several hundreds of thousand members like ‘I love Cebu.’ Groups such as “Barkadahan Tsika Tsika Cebu” have reached over 20,000 members. More locally-based SMEs have begun engaging these online communities for promoting products and services. GT Cosmetics has gone the route of creating GT & Me – a Facebook community that celebrates “Gandang Tunay” or true beauty.

The growth of social media communities is abetted through active engagement by traditional print, radio, and television media outlets.

The power of these social media communities was seen in how fast the spread of information about the tragedy wrought by typhoon Sendong in Northern Mindanao and the mobilization of resources to help the victims. Thus aside from the traditional media, top Philippine corporations like Globe Telecom posted advisories about its relief efforts through social media.

Come 2012, PRworks anticipates that public relations will continued to be defined by developments in social media. Social media will grow as the information-dissemination avenue for both top corporations and SMEs in southern Philippines. Read part D. Back


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Public Relations in southern Philippines this 2012 (b)

Doris Mongaya, managing director of PRworks Inc., poses with Superbalita columnists Bobby Nalzaro (left) and Ruphil Bañoc (right). Bobby is also a columnist of Sun.Star Cebu, a top rated commentator of dySS, and news anchor of GMA 7. Ruphil, on the other hand, is the station manager of dyHP and news anchor of TV 5.

Sun.Star publisher Sonny Garcia and Editor-in-Chief Pachico A. Seares published the first Cebuano-language daily in1994 that primarily catered to the B-C-D market in Cebu and neighboring provinces. The Freeman, Sun.Star’s main competitor in Cebu at the time, countered with the emergence of Banat News.

Both Cebuano-language dailies grew fast and in a few years have overtaken the circulation of its sister publications. In the late 90s, the Sun.Star management exerted efforts in duplicating the success of Superbalita in several urban centers in the Visayas and Mindanao. Today, the Superbalita in Cagayan de Oro and Davao Cities have bigger circulations than their sister English dailies.

Industry insiders attribute this rapid growth to the tabloid format, the use of the local language, and cheaper cost for readers. The Cebuano dailies became the print medium to reach out to the grassroots market.

However, while these Cebuano-language newspapers targeted the B-C-D market, a growing segment of the AB market in Vis-Min urban centers and surrounding rural communities are now reading the Cebuano dailies primarily at the expense of their English counterparts.

We expect this trend to further gain momentum in 2012. Brands (and hence public relations) that target the A-B market in central and southern Philippines cannot anymore ignore the growing A-B audience of Cebuano-language newspapers.Read Part C  Back


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Public Relations in southern Philippines this 2012 (a)

Helping Honorary Russian Consul Armi Lopez-Garcia promote Philippine-Russian relations.

The Visayas and Mindanao, the central and southern islands in the Philippine archipelago, have been the public relations playing field for the Cebu-based PRworks for several years now.

Top Philippine corporations like Globe Telecom and Nokia Philippines along with small-medium enterprises like GT Cosmetics Manufacturing has precisely engaged PRworks because of its Vis-Min niche.

In Cebu and Central Visayas, we are helping several friends, corporations, and agencies like Honorary Russian Consul Armi Lopez, the San Remigio Beach Club (SRBC), the KEPCO-SPC Power Corporation (KSPC) and SPC Power Corp. (SPC), the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC), the National Nutrition Council (NNC) 7, and the Department of Tourism (DOT) 7.

As we approach the end of 2011, we begin looking into the year ahead. And we ask, what’s in store for public relations work in central and southern Philippines for 2012?

Increasing market share of online news media.

English-language community papers will increasingly feel the pressure of the increasing market share of online news media.

A growing segment of urban and provincial population is going online and spending more time in social media especially Facebook through the years. They are learning the habit of accessing news, not by buying anymore their favorite English dailies. More often, they now merely click on news shared by friends, go to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for more related information, or enter the online versions of their favorite community paper.

This trend has led to the emergence and growing audience of online versions of practically all community papers in major Vis-Min urban centers. This also paved the way for the rise of online news and opinion blogs and the shift of local news syndicates like Minda News to being online publications. The forward looking management of Sun.Star network of community publications has closed weak publication affiliates in the cities of Ilo-ilo, Zamboanga, and General Santos and shifted news coverage to the online Sun.Star news exchange (Sunnex).

This means the community papers will be using only the best stories – and that includes press releases and news pitches – especially with the more intense competition and declining news space. For PRworks, this means adhering to its belief that the best PR uplifts lives. Read Part B


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GT is ‘Gandang Tunay’

GT & Me is not just about the products of GT Cosmetics. For us, GT is about “True Beauty” or Gandang Tunay in Pilipino or Gwapang Tinuod, or Gwapong Tinuod in Bisaya.

GT & Me celebrates the underlying beauty of being a woman (and man). They say physical beauty is skin-deep. Thus, the use of all kinds of cosmetics starts with a beautiful skin.

GT & Me indeed talks much about having a beautiful skin. GT & Me is a forum concerned with helping women (and men) take care of and enjoy beautiful skin. But having and taking care of beautiful skin is not just skin-deep. It also means your inner beauty as a person. It involves what you eat, having enough sleep and rest, proper management of stress, and even spiritual peace.

GT & Me should be more than skin-deep. GT & Me is about:

a. The beauty of self-confidence
b. The beauty of motherhood
c. The beauty of being married
d. The beauty of being single
e. The beauty of aging
f. The beauty of learning
g. The beauty of remembering
h. The beauty of reconciliation
i. The beauty of coping
j. The beauty of friendship
k. The beauty of eating the right food.
l. The beauty of being healthy
m. The beauty of having peace of mind
n. The beauty of being close to God.

All these exudes beauty that goes beyond glowing, young, and healthy beautiful skin. This is Gandang Tunay. GT & Me celebrates!

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PR 101

Public relations is one subject that is largely misunderstood. It is not advertising. You are right if you believe it involves sending out press releases.  But public relations is more than writing and distributing press releases. Click this link to browse a simplified presentation about Public Relations. Feel free to comment and interact with us on this.

Our definition of Public Relations

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Pacman and Charice as Philippine endorsers!

JOINING the brouhaha on the new slogan of the Department of Tourism (DOT), several lawmakers has advised the agency not to use “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” and revert back to the old “Wow Philippines” then tap Sarangani Congressman Manny Pacquiao as its endorser to better promote the Philippines.

According to a Sun.Star report, ” Zambales Representative Mitos Magsaysay said Pacquiao is the only Filipino personality who is known globally to the point that he was tapped as an endorser by a senator from the United States … (he) can do ‘a good job of selling the country’ than the new slogan, ‘Pilipinas Kay Ganda.'”

PRworks agrees but aside from the Pacman, we should also utilize another Filipino who has become a star in the global entertainment world — Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco popularly known as Charice.

Charice, born on May 10, 1992, rose to popularity through Youtube. Oprah Winfrey has described her as the Most Talented Girl in the World. Her accomplishments include being the first solo Asian artist in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart. She is now an international television actress as the character Sunshine Corazon in the popular TV series Glee.

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Facebook versus Google

Privacy issues has long hounded Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. But with hundreds of millions worldwide spending more of their time on Facebook, one could not just ignore this phenomenon.

Could Facebook upstage Google, along with other search-email sites like Yahoo and Hotmail, by integrating email into its messaging system?

This possibility developed as Facebook unveiled a new messaging platform this week that integrates cell phone texts, chats, e-mail, Facebook messages into one messaging platform. To make it easier to communicate with people who are not in Facebook and entice existing users to prefer its e-mail service, e-mail addresses will be handed out. The new platform will be rolled out in the coming months.

According to news reports, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg looks at text messages and chats as the modern messaging system, not e-mail.

Young people are more into instant messages than e-mail, which is a technology that is four decades old. Zuckerberg sees the future in what some analysts are now describing as Generation Text. Today’s elementary and high school kids prefer text messaging and chats than the longer e-mail in communicating with each other.

But why is Facebook going out of its way to integrate e-mail into its messaging system instead of focusing on developing text messages and chats? Facebook reportedly has devoted 15 engineers working on the project for 15 months.

The answer is fairly obvious.

A huge portion of its 500 million users worldwide are adults, many are professionals and businessmen, who switch to the Internet search leader Google or to Yahoo for their e-mails.

We in PRworks Inc., for instance, has adopted Google’s popular Gmail for primarily communicating with each other, our clients, our media and bloggers network in central and southern Philippines, and our contacts outside the country even as we are going head on in developing Facebook communities.

By making e-mail part of its communications hub, Facebook wants us to stay and not use other e-mail services anymore. In the process, it escalates its competition with Google Inc. and other search engines which are also adopting more social networking features to counter Facebook’s growing popularity.

How will this development play out in the future? We in PRworks are interested in what you, our readers, think.

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Happy New Year!

Let’s Pray for Sendong Victims!

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