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Globe launches Cebu Media Excellence Awards

Globe Telecom corporate communications head Yoly Crisanto. Click photo to view more pictures.

Globe Telecom launched the first Cebu Media Excellence Awards, as a means to pay tribute and give recognition to print, broadcast and digital media practitioners who have excelled in the profession and practice of journalism. The awards were launched during the celebration of the Cebu Press Freedom Week.

Yoly Crisanto, Head of Corporate Communications of Globe Telecom said that the idea of launching the awards stemmed from the belief that sustaining journalistic excellence of journalism in Cebu promotes and broadens press freedom.

“Cebu has a rich history of journalism, which continues to this day. The Cebu Media Excellence Awards honors the rich tradition of journalism in Cebu and recognizes the men and women who continue to uphold this tradition of public service through excellent, professional and ethical media practice,” said Crisanto.

Globe Telecom has been supporting the Cebu Press Freedom Week for over a decade. On top of this, Globe has also been the presenter of the annual awards of the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines (EJAP), the premier organization of print, broadcast and electronic business reporters and editors in the country.

“Media organizations and Globe Telecom have both been instrumental in transforming and enriching lives, and in this shared mission, we have also found shared values and ideals. The press can shape society with news and commentary in the interest of public service. As a public utility company, Globe Telecom has been at the forefront of providing public service through telecommunications and good corporate citizenship. We always put our customers first,” Ms Crisanto added.

Historical records indicate that the journalism in Cebu traces its roots to a weekly publication called El Boletin de Cebu. Published in 1886, it carried news and discussions of current issues that concerned not only the developing urban community, but also the whole country as well. Several of the country’s prominent political families trace their roots to ancestors who were Cebu-based journalists in the 19th century, including Don Sergio Osmeña and Don Vicente Sotto.

Today, there are about 16 AM stations in operation in Cebu City and 23 FM stations. There are about ten broadcast networks with local operations and scores of local publications, including The Freeman, Cebu Daily News and SunStar Daily. Cebu also boasts of an active digital media community of bloggers and online publications.

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