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Public Relations in southern Philippines this 2012 (b)

Doris Mongaya, managing director of PRworks Inc., poses with Superbalita columnists Bobby Nalzaro (left) and Ruphil Bañoc (right). Bobby is also a columnist of Sun.Star Cebu, a top rated commentator of dySS, and news anchor of GMA 7. Ruphil, on the other hand, is the station manager of dyHP and news anchor of TV 5.

Sun.Star publisher Sonny Garcia and Editor-in-Chief Pachico A. Seares published the first Cebuano-language daily in1994 that primarily catered to the B-C-D market in Cebu and neighboring provinces. The Freeman, Sun.Star’s main competitor in Cebu at the time, countered with the emergence of Banat News.

Both Cebuano-language dailies grew fast and in a few years have overtaken the circulation of its sister publications. In the late 90s, the Sun.Star management exerted efforts in duplicating the success of Superbalita in several urban centers in the Visayas and Mindanao. Today, the Superbalita in Cagayan de Oro and Davao Cities have bigger circulations than their sister English dailies.

Industry insiders attribute this rapid growth to the tabloid format, the use of the local language, and cheaper cost for readers. The Cebuano dailies became the print medium to reach out to the grassroots market.

However, while these Cebuano-language newspapers targeted the B-C-D market, a growing segment of the AB market in Vis-Min urban centers and surrounding rural communities are now reading the Cebuano dailies primarily at the expense of their English counterparts.

We expect this trend to further gain momentum in 2012. Brands (and hence public relations) that target the A-B market in central and southern Philippines cannot anymore ignore the growing A-B audience of Cebuano-language newspapers.Read Part C  Back


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PRworks list of CDO journalists affected by Sendong

English: Map of Metro Cagayan de Oro (Metro CD...

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Houses totally washed out:

1. Cong Corrales – Mindanews, Gold Star Daily, TV 5, and Reuters

2. Joe Felicilda – Mindanao Daily Balita

3. John Paul Barsopia – Newsline Mindanao

4. Henry Lasola – GMA 7 CDO

5. Aping Bergacio – Reuters

First floor of houses totally inundated:

1. Erwin Mascariñas – Associated Press

2. Jigger J. Jerusalem – Gold Star Daily, Phil Star

3. Mike Baños – Business Week Mindanao

4. Joe Palabao – Business Week Mindanao

5. Joe Pantoja – Business Week Mindanao

6. Gerry Gorit – Business Week Mindanao

7. Bingo Alcordo – Gold Star Daily

8. Nicole Managbanag – Sun.Star CDO

9. John Michael Bustamante – dxJR Radyo Higala

10. Ditas Gualberto – dxIM Radyo ng Bayan

11. Andrew Jularbal – dxIM Radyo ng Bayan

Houses filled from knee to waist with water:

1. Terry Betonio – Sun.Star CDO

2. Stefanie Berganio – Sun.Star CDO

3. Annabelle Ricalde – Sun.Star CDO

4. Jennifer Besere – Sun.Star CDO

5. Lynde Salgados – Sun.Star CDO

6. Butch Enerio – Business Mirror

7. Candy Macabale – Newsline Mindanao

8. Abigail Malalis – Newsline Mindanao

9. Ronald Jagonal – dxIM Radyo ng Bayan

10. Ric Occiones – dxCO, Oro Gazette

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