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Sendong survivors refuse to become ‘victims’

Relief goods gathered at Balay Mindanaw

THE brief trip to Cagayan de Oro City turned out to be more than just the distribution of relief goods to what we in Cebu City and the rest of the country refer as victims of typhoon Sendong (Washi).

Doris Mongaya, managing director PRworks Inc., and Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, Panay coordinator for the Kabataan Party List, met people who though struck by the destructive typhoon too were in the thick of helping others.

Balay Mindanao was buzzing with activity being one of the NGO relief hub in Cagayan de Oro or CDO when Doris and Karlo arrived last December 27, 2011.

In his Balay Mindanaw Relief Operations Report No. 11 December 29, 2011 posted in Facebook, Kaloy Manlupig said: “We refuse to be victims. We are resources. We continue our modest efforts to respond to the needs identified in the community centers which have shifted to non-food items since there is already enough supply of food items that will last until the end of the year. Yesterday, we were able to serve a total of 366 families (or 1,830 individual) in two community centers (Canitoan and Bonbon).”

Only much later did Doris and Karlo learned that a number of Balay Mindanao staff members were also hit  by the flood that wrought Sendong’s wrath. These staff members were among the 1,500 people whose houses were either damaged or washed away by the huge flood.

Doris and Karlo, nevertheless, primarily went to CDO to distribute assistance of another set of courageous and selfless souls who refused to become victims — members of the CDO media that included an editor-in-chief of a local daily, correspondents of Manila-based newspapers and wire agencies, radio and television reporters. In fact, Doris said, six of them saw their houses totally washed away at the height of typhoon Sendong while another found two siblings dead after successfully saving their mother.

(For the complete PRworks list of affect CDO journalists, click this link)

Nevertheless, they refused to be tied up as victims. They continued going about their duty of reporting while at the same time networking with benefactors for assistance, not for themselves, but for all members of media who were affected by the flood.

Thanks to Kaloy who is a long-time friend, Doris set up her base for coordinating with CDO media leaders in distributing assistance (some cash, clothing, and gallons of bottled water from GT Cosmetics, San Remigio Beach Club, family and friends) she brought from Cebu for some 27 CDO journalists who were also flood survivors.

Many thanks too to Charo Logarta-Lagamon of Globe Telecom who selflessly provided Doris and Karlo not only with her own vehicle but also her time driving them around as they reached out to these journalists who refused to become victims. Charo, who took charge of the Globe Telecom team helping Sendong survivors without much fanfare, added several dozens of t-shirts and blankets for the CDO media survivors.

Aside from assistance in cash and in kind, noteworthy is Globe Telecom’s Libreng Tawag program that afforded free calls to all networks and free Internet. The thousands hit by the flood definitely needed free means of communicating with family, relatives, and friends.

More than the assistance however, the attitude shown by local folk in standing up to help each other rise up makes us optimistic that Cagayan de Oro will rise up in no time.

Photos taken by Karlo Mikhail:

Television News Footage of the Globe Telecom Libreng Tawag ug Internet Service:

Prayer for those affected by Sendong:

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San Remigio Properties welcomes Atlantis

Come December 2011, San Remigio Properties will add another feather in its cap with the rise of Atlantis.

“On the 18th, we are welcoming a new baby in the San Remigio Properties family—Atlantis”, shared Mr. Mark Ynoc, General Manager of San Remigio Beach Club.

Atlantis is perfect for banquets and other intimate functions mainly because of its 120 pax seating capacity. Only nine feet away from the beach, guests will be delighted at the spectacular view of the beachfront.

Mr. Ynoc disclosed that they got the name “Atlantis” from Plato’s famed dialogues Timaeus and Critias.

Apparently, Atlantis is a utopia created by Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas. Atlantis became the center of civilization because of the great knowledge of the Atlanteans in many areas such as the sciences, technology and arts.   On the day that they decided to extend their kingdom, it was said that the skies turned black and the waters swilled until the whole Atlantis is no more.

“Behind the story is a great kingdom which fits the kind of image that we want for our Atlantis: elegance, power and a great sense of tranquility”.

The site of the new Atlantis structure was originally San Remigio Beach Club’s game room. “We want to make room for Atlantis without compromising the usual enjoyment of our beloved guests here at the resort.”

Aside from the panoramic view of the resort during lunch meetings and small parties, the Atlantis has a small snack bar readily available by request.

“We want the Atlantis to cater to any type of guest or event. We want this newest addition to our family to become the beacon of elegance, power and tranquility which the legendary Atlantis was famous for”, concludes Mr. Ynoc.

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PRWorks staff celebrates Halloween 2011 at San Remigio Beach Club

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Cebu Ateneans to raise P500T to provide poor Talisay kids with school supplies

The 'Bags of Dreams' team: Christine Mae Sia, Blonx Tirol, Shobe Pamela Ymas, John Rey Guadalquiver, Marie Tone Ynoc, Paolo Diaz, and Samsam Gullas.

In a bid to donate thousands of school bags and educational supplies to public school students, the Business Communication class of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Cebu campus will raise half a million pesos through their “A Bag of Dreams” charity campaign class project.

The 2,407 students of San Roque Elementary School in Talisay City, Cebu were chosen to benefit from the campaign, which was launched last month in partnership with the Cebu Arts Foundation Incorporated.

“A Bag of Dreams campaign supports every child’s right to proper education. We aim to raise money in order to provide these public school students in need the necessary tools for education. It is in this light that we will ask for everyone’s support in this charitable advocacy,” said class project co-leader Samsam Gullas.

The chosen school was cited to have the most number of students from kindergarten to Grade 6 who belong to low-income families in the city. It was also reported that the lack of proper school supplies pushes most of these children to drop out from school.

As part of their awareness and fundraising campaign, the group is selling “Dream” rubber wristbands online for P180 at their “A Bag of Dream Campaign” page in Facebook.

“Buying one band means giving a child one bag to fulfill his dreams and a chance to a better life,” said Gullas.

John Rey Guadalquiver, also co-leader of the class project, said that the half-million-peso target charity fund will not come from the sale of the wristbands alone and generous donors. He said that each class member will try to tap their network to encourage sponsors and corporations to share the same advocacy on its respective Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

“Our subject is about effectively communicating to various groups, organizations, private companies, and corporations. We’re happy to come up with a project that would not only allow us to apply what we’ve learned inside the class but also give us the opportunity to help the community in need,” said Guadalquiver.

The group initially aims to provide school bags and basic educational supplies such as pencils, ballpens, notebooks, pad papers, and boxes of crayons among others. However, the group is also looking at providing proper school desks if the campaign manages to raise more funds.

“Your donations will go a long way in shaping these kids’ future one bag at a time,” said Gullas.

For donations, please write a check to Cebu Arts Foundation Inc. You can also deposit cash to Unionbank Checking Account number 002750000380, account name Gerald Anthony Gullas. You may contact these numbers 09173253573; 09173250051; 09334486371 or visit their Facebook page for more



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GT & Me: UP Cookout 2011 Photo Contest winner

Keeshia Salazar, Manvinder Singh, Paul Vernon Bacayo and Stephanie Rose S. Sandoval has won GT & Me (GT Cosmetics): UP Cookout 2011 Photo Contest. 

GT Cosmetics Manufacturing Pharmacist Jellie Salvane and GT Cosmetics Manufacturing Sales Supervisor Celsa Bajao together with San Remigio Beach Club General Manager Mark Anthony Ynoc have awarded Keeshia Salazar, the group’s representative these amazing prizes: complete set of GT Cosmetics products and gift certificates for the whole group courtesy of San Remigio Beach Club.

This year’s GT & Me: UP Cookout Photo Contest awarding was held at San Remigio Pensionne Suites last September 27,2011.


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San Remigio Pensionne Suites celebrates its first anniversary

The 17th of September marks a huge milestone for the people behind San Remigio Properties. This is not only because they have introduced the first of San Remigio’s very own chain of Pension Suites, but they also get to gather together, as one family, to celebrate the continuing success that is San Remigio Pensionne Suites.

San Remigio Pensionne Suites opened last September 18, 2010 and it has since become popular with guests. Its modern room details, affordability, and strategic location exceeded expectations and helped it maintain a strong hold on its target market.

The Pensionne Suites also just recently launched its Cafe Gloria outlet that boasts of a distinct fusion of local and international flavors and economical food rates.

On its first year anniversary, San Remigio Pensionne Suites pays tribute to the real VIPs of San Remigio Properties. Sharing a table as one big family, the people behind San Remigio Pensionne Suites will be treated to an evening full of fun and excitement.

The event will take part in Cafe Gloria, at the roof deck of San Remigio Pensionne Suites, and will be attended by close friends from different business industries.   There will be a late afternoon mass at 5PM.  This event aims to establish better and tighter connection between the management and the staff of both properties.

As part of its anniversary celebration, San Remigio Pensionne Suites will also conduct a feeding activity for the children of Brgy. Mabolo.

The Pensionne Suites—along with its sister companies Café Gloria and San Remigio Beach Club—all under the management of Mark Anthony Ynoc, aims to continue giving first class service and culinary expertise to achieve every customer’s satisfaction.

“I’m quite happy that San Remigio Beach Club and San Remigio Pensionne Suites make a great team in improving and contributing to the tourism industry of Cebu, and in the long run, help alleviate poverty in the country”, Ynoc said.

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Café Gloria slates Acoustic Saturday Night

SAN Remigio Pensionne Suites’ Café Gloria is set to provide the public a melodious weekend-dining atmosphere this Saturday night when live performers sing and strum their acoustic instruments on stage on August 20.

Dubbed as “Open Bar,” this new weekend feature is expected to augment the tranquil ambiance of Café Gloria as the soothing sound of mellow background music will surely make the guests feel more relaxed while enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

Café Gloria general manager Mark Anthony Ynoc said “Open Bar” will be a sensational Saturday night treat for people who need some time off their very taxing life in the fast lane and allow themselves to have fun with family, friends, and sweethearts.

“We understand that people need to unwind, especially weary travelers from out of town and stressed-out Cebuano urbanites who just had five stressful days at work or in school,” Ynoc said. “So, we came up with this acoustic program as a means or a sort of respite for them.”

Presented by Hang-Over Mobile Bar, “Open Bar” will start at 7 p.m. featuring a musical extravaganza of folk, mellow rock, pop jazz, pop music, and OPM ballads from the 60’s up to the present. 24/7 Band will be featured in this week’s acoustic-filled night.

For a very affordable price of Php170 — plus unlimited cocktail drinks from 8 p.m. until 12 midnight, Cebuanos and local and foreign visitors now have something to look forward to: “Open Bar” this Saturday, only at Café Gloria.

Café Gloria is located at the roof deck of Prime Movers Bldg. along Holy Name St. in Bacalla Subdivision, Mabolo, Cebu City.

Designed to be a dining destination for Cebuanos and tourists, Café Gloria serves a delectable fusion of local and international cuisine. It also offers a panoramic view of Metro Cebu’s harbor area and the Cebu Business Park.

Café Gloria also has two karaoke rooms where guests can sing their lungs out and even dance in private.

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New Cafe optimistic on domestic, tourism market

THE owners the San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort and San Remigio Pensionne Suites expressed optimism on Metro Cebu’s domestic and tourism market as they launched Café Gloria last Saturday, July 9,2011. 

Mark Anthony Ynoc, general manager of the three sister companies, said Café Gloria is designed to be a destination for Cebuanos and tourists who prefer fusion of local and international cuisine in their quest for a distinct “taste-perience.”

The success of San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort in San Remigio town and the San Remigio Pension Suites in Mabolo, Cebu City, rested on the strong local market and the huge tourist population in Cebu, he said.

“We are eyeing not only the big Korean population in Cebu, the return of the Japanese tourists, and the expats. This fun place is also something Cebuanos and visiting Filipinos would enjoy,” he said.

Located at the Roof Deck of San Remigio Pensionne Suites, Mr. Ynoc said Café Gloria provides locals and visitors alike with both a fun place for the gang and a romantic hideaway for love birds rolled into one.

“At Café Gloria, lovers and those who just want a place to chill out have a view of Metro Cebu’s harbor area and SM City as well as the Cebu Business Park. Those who want to sing privately can do so in our two karaoke rooms. We have live entertainment for guests who prefer to listen to great music or even dance,” said Ynoc.

Launch of Cafe Gloria (Photo Gallery)

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