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Nokia Music Connection winner launches digital album

Chiro, the grand winner of Nokia Music Connection, the musical competition spearheaded by the world’s number 1 mobile phone brand,  is all geared for stardom with the launch of its first-ever digital album.

After winning in the competition, Chiro, the four-piece acoustic band from Pampanga, signed-up with Star Records through its sub-label Nugen, becoming the first band under the label to release a digital album.  Their self-titled  album includes such songs as “Batang-bata Ka Pa”, “Iyak Na”, “Pahiwatig”, “Alaala,” and “Handog”.

To get a copy of the “CHIRO” album, log on to

Photo shows the members of Chiro: Erick Gabriel (bassist), Ivan Reynes (drummer), Toni Reynes (vocalist) and Faelmar Ocampo (guitarist) with Nikka Abes, Nokia Philippines Corporate Communications Manager during the digital album launch.

View the following video clip to get a taste of Chiro’s music:


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