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Savvy investors and marketers don’t miss Cebu when considering the Philippines and Southeast Asia. This economic, tourism, and ICT hub is strategically located right at the center of this vast ASEAN market. Cebu is likewise the business and tourism gateway to Visayas and Mindanao, the group of islands comprising central and southern Philippines.

Strategically based in Cebu, PRworks Inc. has developed into the preferred public relations partner in the Visayas and Mindanao by such prestigious firms as Globe Telecom and Nokia Philippines.

PRworks Online, this corporate blog, is evolving into something much more than  the show window of PRworks services. Though this is work in progress and we certainly welcome your feedback, we are on the way towards making this blog:

An Online Resource

Browse not only for information about PRworks. We are posting relevant information about Cebu, Visayas and Mindanao. PRworks Online now has a wealth of posts about our clients and our advocacy on education, nutrition, micro-businesses, and devotion for St. John Bosco.

A Hub of our Social Media Networks

By making public relations or PR work online for our valued clients, we built an extensive online network. PRworks Online has become the center of our social media networks encompassing not only the print, broadcast, and television journalists in the Visayas and Mindanao. The past three years, we have developed a reliable and growing core of friendly bloggers in major Vis-Min urban centers. Our Facebook networks include the diverse audiences of social media initiatives for various clients.

Truly PR works online (and offline)

Off and on, we have documented and uploaded some of our public relations work through the years.  But we want to do more. We now intend to blog our views on public relations, discuss and analyze the lessons we learned, and share our wealth of experiences in social media marketing and advocacy today.

This way, PRworks Online becomes a vital part in achieving “our vision of managing perceptions to uplift lives.” Yes, we believe the best PR uplift lives. Visit us again and again as we discuss this more extensively in the coming days.

Better yet, subscribe to PRworks Online by simply writing your email in the appropriate widget to your upper right (and in the process get a complete set of GT Cosmetics products). Thus, you will become part, a co-parent in fact, and updated immediately about developments in this soon to be great blog.


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