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Tips for proper application of GT Cosmetics

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Facial beauty is very important for most women and has been a part of their daily live. Taking care of the facial skin makes or breaks a woman.

It is suggested that before using or applying anything on your skin, you must have a proper knowledge about your skin type. Some have dry, oily, and patchy skins which have different ways to keep its effects from happening. For the different age brackets, there are also different ways of taking care of your skin. Most importantly like any beauty product, applying GT Cosmetics properly  will definitely give you glowing results.

Using the GT Cosmetics products properly by simply following the directions given is one of the best strategies to make a better look than what you currently have. Facial skin care is a critical issue lately, especially with all the different pollutants and environmental issues that we are concerned about. And as the face is any part of the body that needs special care, both men and women should be concerned with proper facial skin care. Your face has three basic needs: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Currently, there are three GT Cosmetics creams available in the market now: GT Bleaching cream, GT Moisturizing cream and GT Sunblock. Here are tips for the proper application of GT Cosmetics creams:

The GT Bleaching cream must be applied in dots just enough to be spread on the freshly washed face. It must be used at night time only. GT Bleaching cream is a night beauty treatment. Make sure you keep your skin clean even after using the cream and avoid sweat especially on the neck to avoid itchiness.

For day time, you must use GT moisturizing cream to keep the skin moisturized after using the GT bleaching cream the previous night. In the morning wash face and body with any of our GT soap according to your preference, clean and tone face with GT Clarifiance. Then apply the GT Moisturizing cream on face, hands or legs in dots and then spread thoroughly. You may put powder or leave it as is. You may retouch within the day when needed.

GT Sunblock is a four-in one cream whitens, moisturizes, protects and make up base which is useful when going out under the heat of the sun like going to the beach. Apply the sunblock about 30 minutes before going out in the sun and allow enough time for the product to start working. Apply the sunscreen generously, spreading to all exposed areas and smooth in gently. During the hot months like summer, apply the sunblock with SPF 15 every day to minimize the appearance of dark spots and fine wrinkles.

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  1. iren Jalalon says:

    Paggamit tayo nito ang mukha ba natin hindi maging isang lechon na pula na pula o parang lasing…hindi ba cya kagaya sa ibang product na pula na pula qng mukha natin..ano bang changes sa face natin…???

  2. Paano po b mka order ng marami gsto ko po sya idagdag s bisnis kong mga cosmetics pls pakirply f paano at saang adres dapat n umorder,thanks po,mrs manzano

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