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St. Michael’s Play Garden to open in July 2011

Inspired by the Steiner Waldorf and Bank Street pedagogy, St. Michael’s Play Garden enables more families to experience quality education in a home-like environment.

Home and school are two concepts which are not really alien towards each other. St. Michael’s Play Garden, which will open mid-July 2011 in Cebu City, is precisely offering this stimulating mix.

Inspired by the globally-tested principles and philosophy advocated by Rudolph Steiner and the Steiner Waldorf and Bank Street pedagogy, the center provides education that corresponds to the natural stages of human development in a home and garden setting.

St. Michael’s Play Garden is set to open its doors to offer quality care and education to toddlers (ages 1 ½ to 2 ½ years old) for the Parent-Toddler Group and children (aged 2 ½ to 4 years old) for the Day Care program. After-school CAMPS (Craft, Art, Music,  Play, Story workshops) are being offered for children 6 to12years old. The center also offers properly-guided Tutorial and Remedial Education sessions for children and teenagers.

Although the Waldorf-Steiner approach was originally sought for cultural renewal, it has proven to be very effective in gearing children towards being prepared for the future.

Steiner’s goal, wrote Rahima Baldwin Dancy, “was to educate the whole human being so that thinking, feeling, and doing were integrated and capable of functioning in a healthy way.”

The edge of St. Michael’s over other schools or learning centers is its offer of quality education with emphasis not only on the importance of natural and fun learning at a very young age, but that also of learning in a home-like environment that nutures the child’s mind, heart, hands and spirit.

Finally, this center assures proper teaching techniques as it trains its own set of educators to be at their best so that they can become good role models for the young children.

To join their weekly parent orientation and to learn more about St. Michael’s Play Garden, please contact Ms. Grace Ferreros at +630932-9795495 or 254


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