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Globe brings IPv6 connectivity in PH

As it gears up to be fully IPv6 ready, Globe participated in the 24 hour global-scale trial of the next generation Internet Protocol. The World IPv6 Day, organized by the Internet Society, brought together Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai, Limelight Networks and other global organizations in an effort to accelerate IPv6 deployment around the world.


Last June 8, the World IPv6 Day participants offered their content over IPv6 for one day. Globe enabled a website – – that is accessible via IPv4 and IPv6. IPv6 or Internet Protocol version 6 is the successor of the IPv4 addresses currently being used today. The IPv4 address space is expected to run out and the Internet Society aims to motivate industry stakeholders to prepare their services for IPv6.


The core IP network of Globe is now IPv6 ready, allowing its users to access both IPv4 and IPv6 websites. It has also initiated IPv6 peering with top global carriers and content distribution networks. Globe is the first Philippine carrier to enable IPv6 with AT&T, Cable& Wireless Worldwide, KDDI, Level 3 Communications, SingTel, Sprint, StarHub, Limelight Networks and Yahoo!.


Globe ensures business continuity and seamless connectivity to Internet users and enterprise customers as it moves to IPv6. IPv6 supports over 4 billion times more space in the Internet than its predecessor. It will enable enterprise customers to have more public IP addresses to allocate within their organization as the IPv4 nears exhaustion.


Globe also assured internet users and business customers of a smooth transition to the new IP for continuous Internet access. By participating in the World IPv6 Day, Globe as well as other ISPs, website operators, OS manufacturers and equipment vendors were able to check for any problems so these can be resolved as IPv6 is enabled on a large scale.


IPv6, widely considered as the next-generation IP, has a 128-bit address space, compared with the 32-bit address size of IPv4. The sequence of numbers is assigned to each Internet-connected device allowing people to go online. With the transition to IPv6 the Internet will be able to support more users, devices with wireless or wired access, and web services, and to sustain its growth.



Globe took part in the World IPv6 Day.

Shown in photo are (from left) Globe Business Corporate Applications Development Head Melvin  Esperas, Senior Product Manager for Internet Core Services Achie Atienza, Business Products and Services Head Cocoy Claravall, Technical Solutions Architect Gilbert Virtucio, Product Management Head Alex Salud Jr., and Senior Engineer Rico Carpio, at the World IPv6 Day activity of Globe Business last June 8.


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