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Why WiFi? All you need is My SuperSurf Plan from Globe

If you’re tired of braving the summer heat just to find a WiFi hotspot, you can now rest easy with My SuperSurf Plan from Globe.  This new postpaid treat will let you surf from whatever beach, road, or car, straight from your smartphone, no WiFi needed. So you can stay online even when you’re on the run, to constantly update your status, post your best vacation pics, or browse YouTube for the next Rebecca Black, from just about anywhere.

Designed for the cyber freak in you that can’t live offline for even a second, Globe’s My SuperSurf Plan is a selection of fully-customizable unlimited data plans that will give you uninterrupted 24/7 mobile surfing you crave, even with no WiFi in sight.  With Globe My SuperSurf Plan, you can design your very own surfing plan by choosing the device you want, the plan that fits your budget, and the add-on services and freebies that you can change as often as every month.

It’s all true. Globe My SuperSurf Plan can net you the hottest gadgets like the recently-launched Apple iPhone 4 in White (or classic black if you prefer), the latest and greatest BlackBerry handsets, and the widest array of Android handsets and Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and the Huawei S7 tablet.  Globe My SuperSurf Plans start as low as P999 for all-out surfing and an added freebie, and on higher plans like My SuperSurf Plan 1799 up to Plan 2499, you get additional consumable amounts to use for calls and texts, together with a selection of bonus call and text services to keep you in the loop.

Martha Sazon, Globe Head of Postpaid, “With Globe My SuperSurf Plans, you don’t need to rely on WiFi to get connected.  Instead you can choose a plan that fits your browsing needs, boost it with free services to keep you in touch, and also get the gadget you’ve always wanted. Because it’s unlimited, you can keep your mobile browsing on and not worry about high charges, so you can surf as much as you like.”

So wherever the summer breeze takes you, you can keep your mobile Facebook and Twitter on constantly without fear of unexpected charges, because Globe My SuperSurf Plan gives you unlimited summer loving to let you post and tweet to your heart’s desire. And you can finally forget about hunting high and low for a coffee shop or airport lounge. With Globe My SuperSurf Plan, why WiFi at all?

To get your dream gadgets and start surfing worry-free today, visit


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