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Globe, first to achieve MEF certification in the Philippines, announces MEF 14 status

Commitment to World-Class Carrier Ethernet Services

Globe Telecom, the first Philippine carrier to be certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF 9), adds MEF 14 to its growing list of certifications. MEF is the defining body for Carrier Ethernet, which aims to accelerate its adoption globally. Globe was also the first Philippine carrier to join MEF and its over 150 members that includes the world’s top service providers and major equipment vendors, back in 2009.

With enterprises operating in multiple locations around the world they require interconnection among their service providers as they expect the same service function and performance in all their branches. Carrier Ethernet is currently the leading technology for mission-critical, real-time services including VoIP, disaster recovery, conferencing and enterprise applications.

Globe supports its Carrier Ethernet services with enough bandwidth and capacity to provide for the needs of BPOs, multinational companies and large enterprises with foreign affiliates.  Only Globe has a purpose built, dedicated network for high-speed SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy), Ethernet and wavelength services. Its DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network carries fast Ethernet services that are pre-provisioned in key buildings and IT parks where most businesses locate.  A dedicated data network enables focused servicing of enterprise customers, brings operational efficiencies to improve service level agreements, and enables network management systems to enhance monitoring and after sales support.

To establish a solid foundation for Carrier Ethernet ubiquity and interoperability, Globe passed numerous compliance tests independently conducted by the MEF-approved certification test laboratory Iometrix.  The MEF 9 ensures the conditions required for delivery of services have specific Ethernet User Network Interface and Ethernet Virtual Connection service attributes so businesses get seamless end-to-end Carrier Ethernet offerings.  The MEF 14 includes performance criteria which prepares carriers’ for Global Interconnect, the standards-based interconnection with other service providers, and assures enterprises that the Carrier Ethernet services they get perform within international service level standards.

“Globe has been known as a pioneer in the telco industry and true to form we are proud to have initiated MEF certification in Carrier Ethernet offerings in the Philippines. We have embraced MEF standards to deliver reliable, high quality and technically consistent Ethernet services to our customer base,” said Jesus C. Romero, Head of Enterprise Segments at Globe Business.

He added, “We remain committed to our thrust of achieving excellence in service delivery as we continue to raise the level of quality we provide enterprises. The MEF 14 certification came on the heels of our MEF 9 certification, which demonstrates our relentless efforts to fulfill our brand promise of offering superior customer experience.”

With its MEF certifications, Globe assures enterprise customers that its Carrier Ethernet services measure up to international specifications accepted globally. These also demonstrate the commitment of Globe to MEF’s mission to promote Carrier Ethernet interoperability and deployment worldwide.


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