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Cebu Motorshow Benefits Vis-Min Entrepreneurs

Transport entrepreneurs in the Visayas and Mindanao are among many exhibitors who will benefit from the 8th Motorshow Cebu International at the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) on October 16to 21, 2007.

Haydee Kwan, Motorshow Philippines International, Inc. Director, that is spearheading the only event of its kind and magnitude outside Metro Manila, revealed this

Over the years, small and medium-scale transport entrepreneurs in the countryside have survived and grown on their own merit. Now, we want to make sure that their industry and ingenuity will get the attention that they deserve, Kwan said.

Located away from major manufacturers of automotive and motorcycle accessories and parts, provincial Filipino entrepreneurs are known for their ability to produce alternative transport products often made from scrap materials.

In lieu of accessories and parts that are difficult to access in remote areas, these ingenious innovations often amaze even the more established manufacturers of auto and cycle parts, bodies and engines.

The Motorshow Cebu International will provide a good exposure for these small companies who fill a special niche in a rapidly expanding transport market. Throughout the six-day event, meet-and-match possibilities between buyers and sellers are endless, Kwan explained.

Thus, show organizers have so far received encouraging news from prospective motorshow participants in the Visayas and Mindanao.

We are getting good responses from Davao, Zamboanga, Ilo-ilo, Negros, Samar, Leyte and even Bohol. They are excited at the prospects of participating in the Motorshow Cebu International since it’s the closest they can get to exhibit their products and services outside of Manila, Kwan disclosed.

Aside from showcasing their products and services, motorshow participants from Cebu and neighboring provinces will also learn many things from their counterparts elsewhere, she added.

Among the must-see features of Motorshow Cebu International is the Corporate Display showcasing the latest trends and models in the auto and cycle industries. Interesting highlights meanwhile include the Open Class Best In Show Competition, Motorshow In Scale and other special events such as Car Clubs and Bikes Clubs Meet, Treasure Hunt as well as drag and adventure races.

Making all these possible are the following major sponsors: Cebu Artshoppe, Cebu nique Trade Corp., Foxchit Business Systems, Inc., Graphic Star, Petron Corporation, Sara Lee Philippines Inc. (AMBI PUR), Sony Philippines Inc., and Standard Manufacturing Corp. (OUTLAST).

PRWorks handled the marketing and public relations efforts for the big event.


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